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Welcome to Colonel Zechs' Gundam Wing Hideout. This site is dedicated to continuing the enjoyment of a great but often under-appreciated series. When it first aired on Cartoon Network in spring of 2000, Gundam Wing introduced a whole host of new fans to the world of anime through epic mecha battles and complex political plot twists in the world of After Colony 195. Sadly, much of trend-driven anime culture has moved on and forgotten Gundam Wing, but those of us who were captivated by it then still keep its memory alive today! Join us and celebrate the After Colony Era!


First, a few works of my own I'd like to share:
What's so Special About Zechs? An essay about my favorite character in the GW universe.

Peruse a few of my Gundam Wing pics on DeviantArt:

Sexy Zechs-y Saluting The Fallen Duo in Pencil Noin in Pencil
Treize in Pencil Zechs in Pencil Trowa and Colonel Une  

Coming soon--GW DeviantArt clubs!

And a special note of courtesy for all the Char fans out there.


Yahoo ML Groups --There are some great little Gundam Wing communities hanging on in the wilds of Yahoo. Check 'em out, and post your pictures, links and artwork there--you could meet some great new friends!

Appreciation of Zechs

Bishi Pile

For Zechs Merquise

Gundam Wing Mailing List (this one is an over-18 site)

SDDI (Society for Defense of Duo's Intelligence) (also over-18)


Gundam Wing Cave (not a lot of activity, but great picture archives!)

Gundam Franchise --represents all Gundam series. Show your support for Wing!


Gundam Wing: Meet the Actors If you're lucky enough to come across a Sunrise Art Book for Gundam Wing, you can find shots of the original seiyuu (voice actors) for the main cast from Japan. (They also have comments about their characters, but they're all in Japanese text.) But how about the English voice actors, who brought the series to a whole new audience? We've been fortunate enough to meet much of the main cast, so you can see what they look like and maybe read a little about them here. Just click on the character's picture to read about their English voice!

__Duo Maxwell


___Trowa Barton

_Quatre Winner

___Heero Yuy

__Treize Khushrenada

___Zechs Merquise


Catherine Bloom and Sally Po

Other Links We can't tell you the quickest way to the Sanc Kingdom, but we can certainly point you to some other kewl Gundam sites. More links to be added soon!

Blissful Ignorance --run by Jennifer Black, a.k.a. Relena in the Anime Cosplay Gallery. Awesome opening art. Check it out.



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